Postcard-books (PCB)


size 16,2 x 11,4 x 1,3 cm

Who would not be glad about a little present? Or about lovely greetings from friends and acquaintances? The Present-postcard-Books of Villa Arte / ADMOS are setting new criteria for evaluation in quality and price. There are themes in a huge choice, just as the fancy takes him, Present-postcard-Books with 30 pictures are available to the nature- and the animal-lover, to the romanticist or the friend of nostalgia. The books with their poetical texts can be given away as a whole. In any case there is something inside for everybody.

  • Millionfold beloved 
  • Present-postcard-books in top condition
  • Choiced photo-motives
  • Excellent quality of reproduction
  • Sensitive introductions  


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